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vol.01 issue 01 - june 2004

we are so proud to announce the publication of the first issue of our monthly ezine !

it took lots of hours to plan it, to develop it and to put in on-line and we did it all for your benefit: IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE !
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This first issue contains lots of tips and tricks information on how to develop any creative related product. The article is practically based onto a real life example on the creation of an AD-Banner but the methodology explained can be sucessfully applied in any other kind of visual design.
As a further example, the image at the left that represent the cover of our magazine was created under the same principles explained in the article.

We want to say that our ezine is not only on design. the next issui will explain how to promote a web site and the other will be based on marketing tips for develop a sucessfull business. On comming issues perhaps bring technical notes on other subjects like:

creating digital audio on your pc
photography principles and technics
how to design, develop and publish a comic
and any other matter that our suscriber want and let us know !

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want to contribute with our ezines?
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